(Available on pre-booking)

Seafood Special – $65

Cajun prawn skewers, bacon wrapped scallops, crumbed fish bites, battered fish bites, prawn twisters with lime aioli and tartare sauce.

TDO Platter – $65

Tandoori chicken skewers, Moroccan chicken skewers, spicy chicken nibbles, chicken schnitzel, jalapeno and cheese bites served with sweet chilli sauce and garlic aioli.

Antipasto Platter – $65

Combination of Italian meat, cheeses, vegetables and breads.

Meat Lovers – $65

Barbeque pork ribs, spicy chicken nibbles, crispy fried chicken thigh, garlic butter steak, lamb fry served with barbeque sauce and garlic butter.

*Please check with staff if you have any voucher. Voucher conditions may vary item to item.